Meet The Rockway Team: Reid Strongman – President

At Rockway Vineyards we offer a unique experience different than any other you’ll find in Niagara. We want to enhance that experience by introducing you to some of the members of the Rockway Vineyards who are responsible for providing excellent golfing, wine, dining and events here.
Reid Strongman is our President. He has been involved at Rockway since his father, Bruce Strongman, opened it in 1989. Since 2006, Reid has been involved in the day-to-day operation of Rockway. Prior to this, he was the manager of the family-owned commercial real estate company, marketing manager of Color Your World home decorating retailer and owner of a sporting goods chain.
Get to to know Reid better in this week’s Staff Feature!

Who is a part of your team that you work with?

I work with our department managers of Golf, Wine, Events and Dining on a daily basis. This senior management team meets regularly to ensure our offerings are coordinated and we are providing the best possible experience to all who visit Rockway Vineyards.

What do you enjoy most about your job and/or working at Rockway Vineyards?

I enjoy the day to day interactions that I get to have with all of our employees, members and the public. It is wonderful to work at a destination that people are happy to be at, whether they’re working, tasting wine or golfing. Beyond that, I enjoy the development of the Rockway Vineyards wine brand. It has been remarkable to be a part of the reinventing of Rockway wine under Winemaker David Stasiuk that has seen us produce fantastic, premium wines that people can still afford to have as their “go-to” wines.

What makes Rockway a unique destination, in your opinion?

That’s simple. We are the only golf course and winery in Ontario. It is a terrific place for couples to enjoy a day away. A perfect one day holiday destination! For golf, I like the description of “$100 greens on a $50 course.” That really sums up what we offer to golfers. Finally, our terrific Small Lot Wines that are priced below value help us stand out.
The management team is responsible for all facets of Rockway’s diverse operations, as well as coming up with the sales and offers that allow you to have a unique experience at an affordable rate. They also set the vision for what is to come for Rockway, including our inclusive memberships. While Rockway is open to the public, our memberships offer convenience and savings on golf, wine and dining. Find out more next time you’re in.
Now that you know Reid a little better, say hi next time you see him around the grounds!